Pandora Tattoo Machine


Our Pandora machine has been our most asked about product over the years. The original machine was a limited edition that we created with artist Eric Merrill. It was limited to 233 machines in an antique finish and it ran beautifully.
We have decided to bring back the classic Pandora for it’s ten year birthday. The new Pandora features the new guillotine vise system that works like charm with anything from steel tubes to disposables. The frame is a true one piece design, the o.g. had the rear binder tab welded on but is now integrated. We also finished it in our traditional Pulse Black Oxide for a durable finish.
For a limited time we are going to be offering the Pandora with see through ten wrap coils. To complement the Pandora we have added all black custom components. This shader has been tuned to it’s original specs to pack in color smoothly and back off nice when set-up for black and grey work.
We are delighted to bring back this unique machine for an encore.

Need replacement springs?
18g Standard Front
18g 1/2″ Rear

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Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 7.0000 x 7 x 5.0000 in
Coil Finish:


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