Pulse Tattoo has a complete inventory of all the tattoo medical supplies a professional tattoo artist needs. From essentials such as ointment, barrier film, green soap, bibs, sensi wrap, surgical tape, sani cloths, to single use razors, we are a one-stop online shop. We offer comprehensive assortment of premium sterilized tattoo needles, including liners, shaders, flats, bugpins, and magnums. Pulse Professional also supplies needle accessories, ink flow disposables, studio supplies, tools, tatt

Pulse started as a simple conversation in a tattoo studio. Tim Brewer and Brett Bryan kicked around ideas of how they thought tattoo equipment could be improved. They took their ideas and began the process of learning what worked and what didn’t. It spawned many more questions about the things that didn’t work and why. In 1998 they set up shop in a basement and got to work. Nights were spent building machines, days were spent in the studio tattooing with that equipment. Through trial and err