Line Fast Power Supply


Line Fast power suppliesare designed to run linear power to your machines. Linear power comes from using a transformer in series with a regulator circuit to provide you with the most smooth and most stable power. If it’s small and light, it’s not linear. If it’s not linear, it’s inferior power and performance.

  • 120V in
  • 1.25V – 12V out
  • 1.5A
  • 10 turn pentiometer

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Line Fast power supplies are built for a select group of tattooers who drive our industry forward while adhering to the traditions of those before us.

Using quality-crafted machines is key making great tattoos, and these machines require clean and consistent power to perform at their best! This supply will run that uninterrupted safe and stable DC current to coil and rotary machines alike.

The 10-turn potentiometer allows you to dial in an optimal voltage for your machine to run at its best. Line Fast’s circuit design allows the supply to remain relatively cool. It also features a self-resetting fuse in case you experience a surge or short.

To protect your power supply, always use a surge protector. Never plug your supply straight into the wall. This could negatively affect the performance.

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