Wizard wash concentrate is a liquid detergent based soap.

Infused with various familiar scents or essence.

Starting with Pina Colada & Grape

Formulated with ingredients that help in the pre & post Tattooing procedure. The skin well for set up

The basis was to have a soap that cleans the skin well for set up prep and stencil.

Witch hazel to sooth the skin and reduce redness while working.

Aloe to moisturize the clients skin while making for an easier healing process.

All of these ingredients help to keep your clients feeling fresh & relieved.

Providing the best expert procedure available.


How to use?

Wizard Wash Concentrate.

Can be diluted up to 80% before loosing beneficial properties.

What this means? If your mixing an 8oz bottle or 16oz bottle.

8 oz bottle would be 6.4oz distilled water & 1.6oz of Wizard Wash.

16oz bottle would be 12.8oz of distilled water & 3.2oz of Wizard Wash.

Mix to your liking everyone is different. Above formula is an example.


Wizard Wash is produced in the United States.

Meets the highest standards available while also complying with E.U standards.

This product is not tested on Animals.

Additional information

Weight 2.2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 3 × 3 in