O.K. a couple things to start. #1 No one was angrier than me when I stripped a screw on a machine. #2 No one was more to blame than me because I liked the small button head cap screws, and they strip if you fool with them too much, so that was a double dose of anger. Since I figured out how to solve this problem and we don't use the button heads on the rear decks anymore I have had to find other things to be angry about.

This trick works great.  First you want to clamp down what ever piece has the stripped screw, a-bar or machine frame or coil. Make sure not to just clamp the metal to metal, a vise will damage your machine or macine parts in an instant. Always wrap it or use the rubber clamps like we have above.

Next you need a dremel tool with a re-enforced cutting wheel so it will cut through metal. You could also use a die grinder if you can find a small enough cutting wheel. These are about the size of a quarter. I also think it goes without saying- safety first, goggles and gloves. This wheel cuts through metal, your finger is not made of metal.

You want to slowly and carefully just cut a slot right in the middle of the screw. If you are not paying attention and you are just enjoying the sparks that are flying you will damage your parts. These wheels cut fast, I know because no one has nicked up more parts or frames than me because I was just enjoying the Mad Max spark show, pay attention.

There you have it. You have convered your stripped hex wrench screw to a slotted screw.

Insert a flat head screw driver ( sometimes a shorter shaft gives you more leverage to crack the screw open) and twist it out. Simple and easy, no reason to get angry, or send me angy e-mails anymore.

Now that's one to grow on.