Hello and welcome to the all new workshop section here at the new pulsetattoo.com. Over the years in this business, we have found that good information is as important as good equipment. We have been able to share our knowledge through our "Build Your Own" workshops and with the many great clients we have spent time with. Many of the same questions seem to come up again and again, so we thought we would build in new section to address some of the questions people have.

Our plan is to tackle a couple of questions a week, and hopefully have some guest bloggers to address different ideas and approaches. Building your knowledge base is as important as drawing all the time. It keeps the ideas flowing and makes you more confident in your equipment. People often have questions about our equipment and we will also build some sections to address that.

As always we appreciate your interest in Pulse and respect your quest to learn. Feel free to drop us a line if you have a question. We don't know everything, but we have collected a bit of info. Hopefully this section will grow over time. We have some ideas for videos and projects we would like to integrate. Enjoy the new workshop.

-Brett Bryan  Co-founder Pulse