Est. in 2000

We would like to tell a little about us and how we began our company. Pulse started as a simple conversation in a tattoo studio. Tim Brewer and Brett Bryan kicked around ideas of how they thought tattoo equipment could be improved. They took their ideas and began the process of learning what worked and what didn’t. It spawned many more questions about the things that didn’t work and why.

In 1998 they set up shop in a basement and got to work. Nights were spent building machines, days were spent in the studio tattooing with that equipment. Through trial and error they began to shape the machines and grow their base of knowledge.

As the small company grew, they kept finding more like-minded artists who were looking for reliable, high quality machines. The reputation for these machines grew and in 2000 Pulse Tattoo was formed. The next year it grew out of the basement and moved into a full time workshop and soon expanded its line of equipment.

In September 2017 Jay Kelly and Mark Roberts took over the reins of Pulse. The pair have nearly 50 years combined tattoo experience between them. Their focus is continuing to bring you the best quality machines and components and serve the growing needs of the Tattoo Professional
Pulse was built for the artist who wants to work with the best machines, equipment and components available. This philosophy remains unchanged since that first conversation. “To produce quality machines and components, that deliver every time you tattoo”.

Always …innovating, always improving, and never compromising. Pulse Professional.

Jay Kelly & Mark Roberts

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