Pulse Professional Tattoo Machines

Pulse Professional has crafted high quality precision tattoo machines for almost two decades. Our precision tattoo machines are in use all over the world today. What sets our machines apart is the quality of the raw materials, the processes we use to build them and the hands that make them. Our quest is to produce a machine that performs consistently every time you tattoo.

CNC Frames – We pour a lot of time and quality into every part of our machines. Our frames are CNC machined from solid blocks of C10-18 steel or 360 Brass. Machining our frames creates a stronger, more durable frame. We actually recycle more steel than we use to create our unique frames. Our steel is hydrogen heat-treated, this helps to create an uninterrupted path for the flow of electricity.

Inline Deck– Our rear spring deck is beveled, so the spring sits in the frame, not on the frame. This eliminates the chance for the spring to become untrue to alignment. Capped off with a custom deck clamp that are more efficient than coins or washers. We also build with both 1/2″ and 5/8″ rear springs to create a wider range of dynamics and tension set-ups.

Spring Adjustment– Pulse machines have a 2 degree angle built into the rear deck so your a-bar can hit flush at 90 degrees. Our spring deck also makes adjusting the tension of the machine simple. Sliding the spring into the back of the deck allows you to apply an equal amount of pressure on the right spot, creating the perfect amount of tension.

Matched Magnet – We use matched grade steel, and heat treat the essential elements of the machines magnetic U, the frame, coil cores, and a-bar. By precision machining our frames and components, it ensures a perfect fit for alignment and balance.

Pulse Coils – We use the best quality copper wire manufactured in the United States. We wrap our coil cores in a heat resistant Kapton film. We also still wrap each coil by hand, because that is still the best process for creating a magnetic coil.

Pulse Vise– Our machine vises are easy to set up and use. Never crimp or over-tighten a tube again. Our P-Nut is a two piece offset vise based on the classic Guillotine. Each system is precision machined out of a combo of aluminum and steel. Easy to use, again and again.

Real U.S.A. Quality– From the raw metals to the finishing process, to the crate we pack it in, we focus on using the best materials available in the United States of America. All of our machines feature Pulse coil sets, a heat treated a-bar, steel springs, machined binders, copper contact screw, low carbon shims and washers, and fully insulated wiring. Top to bottom we produce a machine with no equal.

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