All New Site / All New Blog


Welcome to our all new website, thanks for poking around. We have been hard at work along with our team at AMP building the site. We have added many new features to the site that should make it easier for you to get around, and use on many platforms. It will work on your phone, ipad or laptop.

We have been so busy building the new website that we had to take a hiatus from the blog. Now that the new site is up we will be back to blogging on the regular. The new blog is now located right here at the, and the old blog is still available as an archive at

We have added some new items, like an amazing line of custom needles, and some cutting edge power supplies. The most exciting new development is our Pulse Specials section. It is going to be filled with great deals, item close-outs, and warehouse finds. We will also be starting a new Q & A section as well as an archive catalog of all the flash we have available, with a great new pricing structure.

Thanks for supporting us through the years and welcome to Pulse 2.0!