The story and legacy of Pulse Tattoo can now be celebrated with Pulse Gear. From inception to today, we have earned a reputation for excellence in tattoo machines, and now in water based tattoo pigments. About twenty years ago, germ of the business grew as the result of a simple conversation in a tattoo studio. Tim Brewer and Brett Bryan wanted to improve tattoo equipment. Trial and error led to success. Nights were spent building machines and days were spent in the studio tattooing with that equipment. Eventually they began to shape the machines and grow their base of knowledge.

As the small company grew, we won over like-minded artists who respected reliable, high quality machines. In September 2017 Jay Kelly and Mark Roberts took over the reins of Pulse. The pair have nearly 50 years combined tattoo experience between them. Their focus is continuing to bring you the best quality machines and components and serve the growing needs of the Tattoo Professional. Pulse was built for the artist who wants to work with the best machines, equipment and components available. This philosophy remains unchanged since that first conversation.

Now, in addition to our precision tattoo machines, we have our own superior line of Pulse Tattoo Pigments. Formulated for the discerning artist, Pulse Pigments have been specifically developed to be workable, color-fast, and produce a consistent result. Great flow rate, and solid adhesion coupled with a long open time makes it easy to use. Pulse Pigments provide a wide color range that can be mixed into an unlimited array of tints and shades. A simple water based dispersion pigment.

Now you can share the love by ordering Pulse Gear. 

Pulse Professional's top picks for the discerning tattoo artist are available for purchase right on our online store. The Pulse Tattoo online store is a convenient one-stop-shop for all the preferred tattoo machines, accessories and medical supplies your studio might need. We only sell reliable, top quality tattoo machines, the highest quality tattoo inks, razors, needles and sharps, stencils, flash, tattoo equipment and studio supplies. Call 860-461-0288 or 877-421-2703 for more information.

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