Tattoo Machine Parts and Tools

Our Pulse Tattoo online store carries a complete catalog of  tattoo machine parts and tools.  Pulse Professional is committed to providing the finest quality hand crafted coil and rotary tattoo machines in the industry. Our selection of machine parts include coils, springs, a-bars, yokes, vises, clamps, washers, screws and binders. Among the tools available are brush kits, the Pulse alignment tool and the Pulse Spring tool.

Coil Machines

  • Executive Custom Outliner
  • Executive Tattoo Machine
  • Solution Tattoo Machine
  • Jay Kelly Shaders
  • Mini Swing Gate Outliner
  • Jay Kelly Bulldog Shaders
  • Team Victory Outliner
  • Team Victory Shader

Rotary Machines

  • AXYS Direct Drive Machine
  • AXYS Fehu Machine

Supplies and accessories include foot switches, grips and tips, studio supplies, medical supplies, and tattoo needles. Be sure to check out the extensive collection of vibrant water based inks from Waverly Color our own line of Pulse tattoo pigments. We are adding new merchandise and supplies to our store every month. If you have any questions or need a hand, never hesitate to contact us. We manufacture the exceptional equipment made to our high standards. We hope you enjoy years of using it.

Tattoo Machine Parts & Tools | Pulse Professional Tattoo Supply