Tattoo Machine Parts

Pulse Professional: When Only the Best is Good Enough

Professional tattoo artists know they can buy high quality tattoo machines and tattoo machine parts from Pulse Professional Tattoo Supply of West Hartford CT. Our company markets tattoo machines of our own design - The Executive, The Solution, The Specialist and the Specialist Outliner.

Tattoo Machine Parts include coils, springs, a-bar/yokes, vises and clamps, washers, screws, tools, collections, binders, capacitors, nuts, and o-rings.

The Pulse Professional online store is a great resource for all the day to day tattoo studio supplies the professional shop needs. You will find a complete inventory of medical supplies and more.

Pulse Professional Tattoo Supply in West Hartford CT has manufactured the highest quality tattoo machines and parts for nearly two decades. Our online shop supplies the tattoo artist with the highest quality tools of the trade. We are especially proud of our original line of tattoo pigments, for vibrant and long lasting color. Pulse Pigments have been specifically developed to be workable, color-fast, and produce a consistent result.

Like you, we have a passion for tattooing. As professional tattoo artists, we want to use state of the art machines manufactured to the highest standard. You will find that and more at Pulse Professional Tattoo Supply.  For any questions about our inventory, call Pulse Tattoo at 1-877-421-2703.

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