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When you need the very finest in professional Tattoo Needles, take a look at the selection at the Pulse Tattoo store. There are codes for each type of needle that describe their size, count and groupings. Common tattoo needle groupings describe the size, the number of needles in a grouping, and the configuration.

Different tattooing techniques are achieved with specialized shapes and configurations of needles. The needles are named for their shape and function: for example, there are  Round liners, Round shaders, super tight liners are for super-fine lines.

Liners – tattoo needles meant for lining work. RL are round liner needles grouped together in a tight round formation. RS are round shaders, grouped in a loose round formation.

Shaders – tattoo needles used for shading

Flats – flat tattoo needles are useful for shading in geometric areas. Flats are grouped together in a line formation.

Bugpins – bugpin tattoo needles create smooth gradients, for portrait work

Magnums – magnum tattoo needles are used for filling in large areas, blending and shading. Weaved magnums are for blending, shading, and coloring large areas. Stacked magnums are used for shading, blending and coloring tighter large areas. Curved magnums can reduce trauma to the skin. M1 (weaved) are grouped with two rows of needles in a weaved formation.  M2 are tightly stacked magnums. RM (round magnum) points are arranged in a curved arch.

The configuration tells us how the needles are used. Configuration indicates how needles are grouped together. Various needle configurations are used to achieve a particular shape or pattern of applying ink under the skin.

Professional Tattoo Needles are sterilized surgical steel. Tattoo Needles are tapered - a taper is the length of the point and can be described as either short or long. The count indicates how many needles are soldered together in a group at the bar. For more information about any of the professional tattoo needles we carry, email or call 1-877-421-2703.

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