TattooNOW Tattoo Artist Sweepstakes Is Awesome

The good people at TattooNOW have put together a really unprecidented sweepstakes of goods and services just for tattoo artists. The Professional Artists Dream sweepstakes is just that.TattooNOW put together a really top tier line-up of companies for their giveaway. Each month they are going to be selecting an artist to win these amazing prize packs. The contest is going to run for six months with a new winner each month and the grand prize winner is going to get a day of tattooing from Guy Aitchison.

They are giving away over $30,000 in prizes and as far as I know, no company has ever done that in the industry. All you have to do is sign up here to be entered to win TATTOONOW SWEEPSTAKES

I have been super impressed with these new roll aways from Waterloo and you could win one from the sweepstakes. They have been designed specifically with the tattoo artist in mind and the design tackles many of the needs of a portable station. They also come in a bunch of custom colors, different sizes and configurations- check them out when you get a chance,

If all that wasn't enough Pulse is giving away a great sample pack of both our new Ergo Grips and our needles. Our friends at Presto Art are giving away a whole library of Presto books (Including the new book from Martin LaCasse "MAKE YOUR MARK" ). The contest is awesome, take a minute sign up, check out what the good folks at TattooNOW are doing and remember us when you become the big winner! TATTOONOW SWEEPSTAKES ENTER HERE