We designed our Pulse Spring Jig to perfectly align your a-bar with your front and rear spring. Keeping everything in alignment is one of things that helps create a machine that runs consistently. Our spring jig is made from a solid block of aluminum and can accommodate both 1/2" & 5/8" rear springs. For years I used a small vise that we notched out to align our spring set-ups. It worked but if everything wasn't locked in perfect the spring would twist when you torqued it down. It could be very frustrating, but not as bad as when we started out and I would just try to muscle it together pressing my thumb into the front spring, ouch.

Our Pulse jig works to align everything quickly now. The first step in your spring set-up is putting the elements in the right order. Armature bar on the bottom, rear spring, front spring, washer and screw. I know it's simple, but I have slipped the front spring over the washer about a thousand times over the years. You want to tighten the spring screw just tight enough that the parts will stay together but everything will be loose enough to still move independently.

Then slide the whole setup into the jig. Pick the side that is the right size for your rear spring (1/2" or 5/8"). Slowly side everything forward until the front spring won't go any further forward.

You want to make sure everything is aligned and seated in the jig. The front spring should be snug with no side to side play, but if you were to tip the jig backward everything would slide out. You don't want to push the spring in so hard that it could cause damage to the spring steel. The spring steel we use is very strong but can be semi-brittle. When a small gouge or crack occurs it doesn't take long for a vibrating machine to exploit that and open up a fissure and oh snap, your spring will snap.

Once everything is aligned, lock it down nice and tight and slide it right out. Now that everything is aligned you don't have to tinker with it or worry about it again. You also won't have to go looking for a band-aid because you have sliced your thumb open trying to wrestle it together.