New Pulse Heritage T-Shirt

Our New Pulse Heritage T-shirt is avalable now. The artwork is incredible and we came to learn about the artist through the magic of Instagram. Like most people, I like to eat my lunch with one hand while broswing the web for new artists and cool things to look at with the other. While browsing one day I came across this really amazing hand drawn logo for a playing card company. It was so intricate that I assumed it had been done a hundred years ago, there was no way it was done on a computer.

Upon looking into the account @flatteryleadstoruin on Instagram, I found all this amazing artwork that was being created one line at a time by this awesome artist David Salinas. He was doing these mind blowing T-shirt designs and company logos. I thought having David create a shirt for Pulse was a must have for Spring. He agreed to create one of these hand etched logos for us and it was amazing watching how much time and effort he put into our shirt design. He is a true craftsman with an amazing by gone era style and we are psyched with his final design. Take a minute and look at his work it is unbelievable for sure. Then pick up a piece of his newest work right here at Pulse, Pulse Heritage T-Shirt available in Small -3XL  $15.00 -Thanks David.