Tattoo Flash by Loika

Pulse Tattoo carries tattoo sheets and a flash book by renowned local tattooist Bill Loika.  Tattoo artist and former owner of The Fine Line in Deep River Connecticut, Loika's tattoo art is in the traditional style. Pulse Tattoo currently sells Bill Loika Butterfly Print, Liberty Print, and the Bill Loika Tattoo Flash Book.

Bill Loika Butterfly Sheet: This is a copy of the sheet out of Bill Loika’s Fine Line Tattoo in Deep River, CT. Loika's shop was Connecticut's oldest running tattoo shop. Its a mix up of classic butterfly designs from some of the best tattooers of the time. This sheet measures 17 by 22 and is printed on fine art archival paper.

Bill Loika Liberty Print: This sheet is a copy of the flash right off of Bill’s famous historic tattoo shop in Deep River CT. These are printed on 17 by 22 fine art archival paper. This sheet contains classic designs from various traditional tattooers painted by Bill for his shop.

Bill Loika Tattoo Flash Book: 60 sheets plus line drawings in a 11 by 17 book. Hoard it away for your private stash or cut it up and put some real tattoos on your shop wall.

bill loika tattoo art

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