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Pulse Tattoo has been manufacturing tattoo machines and equipment for nearly twenty years. Pulse Professional equipment builds the highest quality precision equipment available. Our knowledge, integrity and quality has earned a reputation as a leader in the industry. Back in 1998, Tim Brewer and Brett Bryan would build machines at night then tattoo with those machines in the shop. By trial and error, they learned what features worked and which could stand for some improvement. Within a couple of years, their equipment line began taking shape. Now under the leadership of Jay Kelly and Mark Roberts, Pulse supplies Tattoo Artists with the best hand crafted machines and components available.

Pulse Tattoo's Solution Tattoo Machine is our flagship product. The Solution is our most popular product, used the world over by discerning Tattoo Artists. This shader is created from a block of C10-18 cold rolled steel. The geometry of the Solution is super versatile, and can be set up to hit more solid when using for solid color fields or eased up for a smoother softer black and grey or airbrush style. Designed as an all purpose machine, its flexibility offers a wide range of setups, and is well balanced in the hand. The secret to its wide range, is how consistently is runs, day in and day out. It features all of our high quality precision fit components as well as a black oxide finish. Driven by a hand wound set of 10 wrap 5/16″ coils the Solution weighs 8.4 oz. Coils available in your choice of a black or battery finish.  Call 860-461-0288 or 877-421-2703 for more information.

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