One of the things I have learned over the years in tattooing is that really great tattoo artists almost never look at tattoo work for reference. They move two, three, four steps away and draw from great painters and sculpturs, cartoonists and photographers, architects and jewelry makers. The further you can move away from your original source material the more you can grow and the better you can become. The most original talents always refer to unique sources and put together a great style from

We love our loyal customers here at Pulse and over the years we have had done business with some really great folks. If you ever wondered how you could get yourself to the top of our Christmas card list take a cue from our new favorite customer, Nick Pinto. Nick decided to tattoo the side of his dome with a tattoo machine and made the great choice of our Watson machine. Nick is sending a clear message that he is "loyal to the coil" and is keeping it as real as can be with his new tattoo. Lo

As we were unloading needles a few weeks back Jessica had a great idea to pack up all the great 7's we carry as a Super Seven Sampler. This great collection of needles gives you 7 different styles of 7's. The sampler includes 7 liners, 7 mags, 7 curved mags, 7 round shader, 7 bugpin mag, 7 bugpin curved mag and 7 bugpin liners. You get a 5 strip of each needle for a grand total of 35 needles. The whole shooting match has been priced at $11. So as you can see that is a great deal, but you are goi

Start off your New Year right by choosing your own sample color set from the Established Ink line. We have lowered the price down to $45 for 9 half ounce bottles of any of Established's great colors. Mix and match anyway you want. Get two yellows, two purples, three whites, a turquoise and a red or get 9 maroons, we don't care just as long as you give them a shot.

Our New Pulse Heritage T-shirt is avalable now. The artwork is incredible and we came to learn about the artist through the magic of Instagram. Like most people, I like to eat my lunch with one hand while broswing the web for new artists and cool things to look at with the other. While browsing one day I came across this really amazing hand drawn logo for a playing card company. It was so intricate that I assumed it had been done a hundred years ago, there was no way it was done on a computer.

The good people at TattooNOW have put together a really unprecidented sweepstakes of goods and services just for tattoo artists. The Professional Artists Dream sweepstakes is just that.TattooNOW put together a really top tier line-up of companies for their giveaway. Each month they are going to be selecting an artist to win these amazing prize packs. The contest is going to run for six months with a new winner each month and the grand prize winner is going to get a day of tattooing from Guy Aitc