Aqua by Chroma


CHROMA TATTOO INK is a non-acrylic traditional powder based formulation designed to run as fast or faster than any aqueous based acrylic tattoo ink. It is not a hybrid traditional powder – acrylic wet dispersion formulation. There are no shortcuts to make this ink. Each of the various pigments are shear mixed to achieve optimum pigment size, intensity and opacity for each color. As a result, this ink has a substantial pigment load, works extremely fast, is very easy to blend, and heals bright. It does not dry in the cap and it does not clump up and become a hard acrylic rock at the bottom of the bottle.

2 oz. bottle

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A FEW THINGS ABOUT POWDER BASED INKS: To those not completely familiar with powder based pigments, in the event of minor separation of color (especially those in which white is included in the mix ) the bottle needs to be shaken. Also, sometimes with certain pigments, at first glance the color may seem to not match the name on the bottle – or may appear to look exactly like another with a different name. GO BY THE NAME AND SHADE OF COLOR ON THE BOTTLE. And, if you’re still not sure, simply put a drop onto your palm or finger and rub it. You will see the true color. Draw downs are done for every color, with every batch to make sure the color and shade matches the name on the bottle. Also, with the darkest colors of any shade, simply put a drop of white ink on your palm and a drop of the darkest color and you will see the spectrum of that color.

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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 4 in