Right away when I heard the news that Huck Spaulding had passed away, I wanted to read the obituary to find out more information on this giant of the tattoo world. I have always had a fasination with Spaulding because he is built into the fabric of tattoo machine builders. I was rewarded with a fasicnating piece of info that has eluded me for my 20 years in the tattoo business. Huck Spaulding's name was Darwin, I had no idea. It is a great name, but I see how Huck and Paul chose to name their

Along with our new website we wanted to refresh our logo. We have had the same gear logo for the last 13 years and we wanted to keep the same elements, but we wanted it to reflect our growth.We narrowed it down to a half dozen choices and the winner is above. It feels great to have a new logo, which will appear on some new T-shirts, stickers and hats very soon. Pulse 2.0 is here, all new logo, same great quality.

For those of you that didn't notice, our website is all new! The good news is, we've added a lot of great features! The bad news is, you have to re-up your online account with us. Your username and password from the old site will not work on the new site. We're sorry about that but, it's really not as bad as it sounds! You probably need to update your shop name, phone number or email anyway, right? Whether you have a long history of ordering with us online or this is your first time, you

We have just signed on to be the sponsor at this years World Wide Tattoo Conference in Boston. This event is new and has had great success in Chicago and Italy. It brings together six of the most forward thinking and talented tattoo artists working today. Over a 2 day workshop you get to participate in each of their seminars. It's nice because you don't have to pick and chose what seminar to go to, or worry about manning yo

Over the last couple days the Pulse site has been on and off. We're sorry for the inconvenience. It seems our host had migrated us to another server and we thought that was causing the problem. Turns out that we have been taking on waves of attacks from multiple botnets. Not us personally but our host. Seems a hacker will Trojan a botnet into tons of unwitting systems and then call them up and turn them into an army of dark minions to attack thousands of computers at the hands of a spammer who h

The Father of American Tattooing by Franklin Paul Rogers is an all new volume based on the original book. The original book was published in 1990 by Don Lucas and Paul. They had worked together on the book and Don had done multiple interviews and taped many conversations with Paul about his life with the intention of publishing his story. While working on the book Paul had a stroke and was in a nursing home for about a year before he passed away. Don was able to finish the book and published a l

Back at the beginning of this year we sat down at Pulse and made of list of all the ideas we wanted to develop and experiment with. As we tested some of these ideas in-house we began to think that we should collect up the things that have worked out and do some special edition machines. The idea behind these specials is to learn some new things as we develop new processes and ideas for our machines. We can then intergrate these things into our line of machines.

One of the things I have learned over the years in tattooing is that really great tattoo artists almost never look at tattoo work for reference. They move two, three, four steps away and draw from great painters and sculpturs, cartoonists and photographers, architects and jewelry makers. The further you can move away from your original source material the more you can grow and the better you can become. The most original talents always refer to unique sources and put together a great style from